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Proven Methods to Deal with Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes

The main cosmetic problems caused to eyes are puffy eyes and baggy eyes. Though both are often used interchangeably they are different .Puffy eyes are easily curable than the eye bags. Baggy eyes can be treated only surgically .If left untreated both can become worst Take a look at the article to prevent and keep check to puffy and baggy eyes. This article covers
  • What Causes Puffy Eyes?
  • Are Puffy Eyes A Serious Problem and When Should I See A Doctor?
  • What Are The Surgical Options Available for Puffy Eyes?
  • Tips To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes
Finding a cure for puffy eyes or remedies to help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes can sometimes be a challenging issue. Part of the problem is that puffy eyes and baggy eyes are often talked about as if they were the same thing, when in reality they are not. The main difference is that puffy eyes are usually a temporary problem caused primarily by retention of fluid. Getting rid of puffy eyes is usually a simple process.

Bags under the eyes are often caused by fat accumulation in the area of the eye, and will develop slowly over a matter of years. Not everyone develops them, but once you do, only surgery can reverse the process (non-surgical options are available that can reduce the appearance of baggy eyes). Puffy eyes and baggy eyes are similar, and treatments used as help for puffy eyes, can also be used effectively in the treatment of baggy eyes.

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

There are many causes for puffy eyes. Some are environmental and some are not. Puffy eyes and watery eyes are often symptoms linked to common allergies, and there is some research that links puffy eyes to genetic or heredity factors. Listed below are the most common causes of non-chronic puffy eyes.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Excessive crying
  • much sodium or salt intake
  • Emotional or physical stress
  • Build-up of toxins and wastes in the body
  • Post operation or surgical recovery
  • Heredity or genetic predisposition
  • Allergic reaction or symptom of dermatitis
  • Over consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Irritation from contact lenses
  • Body fluid fluctuations due to hormones or changes in the weather or temperature
  • Sinus problems

Puffy Eye Prevention And Symptoms

The best defense against puffy eyes is prevention. Getting rid of puffy eyes can be an annoying and a cumbersome addition to your morning routine. Be sure to drink plenty of water and get a minimum of 8 hour of sleep each night. Keep stress in check by making sure you have appropriate outlets to help manage both emotional and physical stress. Remove contact lenses each night before you go to sleep unless your contact lenses are specially designed for nighttime use. Eliminate or reduce consumption of alcohol and sodium. For someone who has been consuming large amounts of alcohol for a long period of time, an alcohol detox might be a good option. Using fragrance free, non-toxic skin moisturizers can also help in preventing symptoms related to puffy eyes. Listed below are some of the symptoms of puffy eyes.
  • Swelling of the eyelids
  • Swelling around or at the corners of the eyes
  • Dry or itchy eyes
  • Puffiness of the eyelids
  • of the eyes
  • Difficulty or inability to open or close the eye due to swelling

Are Puffy Eyes A Serious Problem and When Should I See A Doctor?

The skin around and under the eyes is very thin and very sensitive to changes in the body, especially changes related to the retention or distribution of water. Puffiness in or around the eyes is often noticeable upon awaking in the morning, but it can be experienced at any time during the day. Most occurrences of puffy eyes are intermittent and irregular and can be cured easily and non-surgically. A chronic or ongoing long term problem with puffy eyes is called blepharitis and is defined as inflammation of the margins or corners of the eyes and eyelids. This diagnosis is made by a physician and should be treated as recommended by your doctor.

If symptoms related to puffy eyes are severe, you should notify a physician immediately. Notify a physician if you experience swelling of the eyelids that is 2-3 times their normal size. Swelling may be related to an insect bite or be a severe allergic reaction of some type. Also call a doctor if the swelling and puffiness is to the degree that you cannot close your eyelids all the way because it may be indicative of problems with your thyroid.

What Are The Surgical Options Available for Puffy Eyes?

Due to the confusion about the difference between puffy eyes and baggy eyes and the fact the terms are often used interchangeably, people often think that there are surgical options available to cure puffy eyes. In fact there are NO surgical options available for puffy eyes. Baggy eyes or bags under the eyes can be cured surgically. This procedure, called blepharoplasty, uses a laser to remove excess skin and fat deposits from the upper and lower eyelids.

This is generally done as a cosmetic medical procedure, and may involve the use of a CT Scanner, and is not usually covered by insurance unless an ophthalmologist or optometrist can document a reduction or deficit of vision due to saggy or baggy eyelids. In either case it is recommended that you see a doctor to schedule a consultation or examination to determine if a surgical option is appropriate and available to you

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