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Cost of eye surgery

Protecting one’s eyes is a priority that is often taken for granted. The amount of information gathered and a person’s dependency on information retrieved as a result of perceiving a particular situation is most often not given its due importance. As a result, the problem increases in proportion before diagnosis is solicited.

The treatment options that are available for treating the various eye disorders are a lot less painful than earlier and can be availed at many hospitals. The details of the cost that will be incurred in the case of such surgeries will help in deciding the forms of surgery and encourage interest.

Cost of LASIK eye surgery:

The cost quoted for LASIK eye surgery varies from one hospital to another, the cost is dependant on many factors including

  • The extent of correction required.
  • Whether both the eyes need to be corrected or a single eye.
  • Method of treatment. Improved corrections that are more precise than earlier methods are possible using technologies like wavefront analysis.
  • Expertise is also available to conduct all laser surgery where the flap at the front of the eye is created by laser and not by a blade. Such bladeless surgery would cost more.
  • The choice of doctor. Some doctors charge less but the lower charge should not be the only reason a particular doctor is opted for, as doctors who charge more might have a greater facility while conducting this surgery. The experience and the equipment available with certain doctors may be better than those doctors who charge less.
  • The city or the region where the eye LASIK surgery is to be availed will also affect the cost of the corrective eye surgery as metropolitan cities that are larger and busier than other cities will cater to higher markets. The general living conditions in such cities will be a lot higher and thus the rate of surgery will also be higher.
  • The cost of the eye LASIK surgery will also include the cost of disposable material used during the surgery like gowns, caps, gloves, masks, cotton, gauze etc.
  • Certain medications that are included or are a part of the recovery process like drops and pain killers may also be included in the total cost of the corrective eye surgery.
  • Certain packages offered also include post operative check up costs up to a year.
These factors permit the corrective eye surgery using LASIK to cost on an average about 2,200$ for each eye. This surgery can be used successfully for refractive eye surgery.

Cost of Cataract surgery

The cost of a cataract surgery is largely dependent upon the following criterion;

  • The Level of cataract or the extent of the problem. Mild cataract will necessitate simple procedures whereas mature cataract could require more detailed procedures.
  • The surgical methods employed to treat the cataract. There are 3 types of surgical procedures that can be opted for and they include :
    • Phacoemulsification: This is the most commonly used method. It does not require stitches and there are no patches over the eye.
    • Extracapsular cataract surgery: This procedure is followed during advanced stages of cataract. An eye patch is required after surgery
    • Intracapsular cataract surgery: This procedure involves shifting the lens of the eye and is used in recent years only in cases of trauma.
  • The type of lens that is implanted
    • Monocular lens: These are the commonly used lenses
    • Toric lens: These are used to correct astigmatism in corrective eye surgery
    • Multifocal lens: These lenses can be used for distant vision as well as for close vision. These cannot correct astigmatism.
  • The charges of the specialist. The specialist charges depend upon the years of experience and the equipment that are on offer.
  • The charges of the anesthetist.
  • Certain packages also include post operative care and check ups. These will cost more.
The conditions determine the cost of cataract surgery for each eye to be fixed at around 3000$ on an average.

Cost of PRK surgery:

The PRK surgery is another form of laser surgery that is performed on patients who are not eligible for LASIK surgery. Though this form of eye surgery has been available in the places like Canada for over 20 years, it was approved by the FDA only in 1995.

There are certain factors that will affect the final costs of surgery and they include;

  1. The choice of surgeon
  2. The choice of hospital
  3. The post operative care that is selected.
The cost of the surgery starts from 1800$ and is higher dependant on the factors mentioned above.

Cost of under eye surgery

The cost of under eye surgery depends on the following factors

  1. The type of surgery that is chosen. The different types of treatment options include laser skin rejuvenation, intense pulsed light or chemical peels.
  2. The extent of damage or the extent of pigmentation that has been incurred under the eye.
  3. The number of sittings that are required to treat the condition. Certain mild forms might require only a few sessions while more severe conditions would require more number of sessions to treat the under eye increasing costs.
The cost of the treating the under eye could start from 1500$ if the laser skin rejuvenation method is followed. The Intense pulse light could cost around 300 to 500$ per session.

Cost of eye bags surgery:

The cost of the under eye bags surgery depends on the following factors:

  1. Choice of surgeon.
  2. The type of surgical procedures that is availed.
  3. The city or the region where the treatment is to be availed.
  4. Whether the upper eye lid as well as the lower eye lid needs to be treated.
  5. The type of anesthesia used for the procedure.
The cost would be on an average from 2000 to 2500$ for either a lower lid surgery or an upper eye lid surgery. Laser treatments would cost higher and cost around 3000 to 5000$.

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