Some of the eye issues may be of simple ones that can be treated with home remedies and by relaxing the eyes.
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Eye enhancement can be done effectively with the help of cosmetic products and simple make-ups. Pick the right make over for your eyes that suite the most making you look at your best.

Prevent vision loss with easy eye surgery procedures

Eye surgery procedures have evolved into techniques that produce great changes to the eye sight with little pain and discomfort. The advent of laser technology has heightened the efficiency and ease of conducting eye surgeries. LASIK eye surgery procedure is one of the most popular eye surgery procedures that are conducted for refractive surgeries. The term LASIK stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis and is a procedure that takes little time and does not require hospitalisation. The eye doctor would first examine the candidate and determine if he/she requires LASIK eye surgery and if the prescription of the patient is suitable for performing the surgery. Patients suffering from dry eyes will not be able to take up LASIK eye surgery procedures and eye doctors would then prescribe eye drops to alleviate the problem of dry eyes. Sometimes doctors would prescribe eye drops to prevent dry eyes after LASIK eye treatment.

The patient requiring LASIK eye surgery procedure can walk into the hospital and after completion of the surgery will be able to walk out. This is possible as the surgery is conducted while the patient is awake and sometimes certain eye doctors give the patient some mild oral sedatives. Numbing eye drops are administered to the patient before the start of surgery. Each eye is given sole attention and only one eye undergoes LASIK eye surgery procedure at a particular time. An eye retainer that is normally not discomforting will be placed under one’s eye lids so that the eyes remain open during the period of surgery. The doctor will then mark the cornea along which the flap will be created.

There are 2 different types of laser devices that may be used during a LASIK eye surgery procedure and they are the microkeratome and the Femtosecond laser. Depending upon the requirements of the patient, the doctor will adjust the intensity of the laser. The doctor remains in full control over the laser during the entire LASIK eye surgery procedure. The duration of the eye laser surgery procedure will also be dependant upon the requirements of the patient. In most cases of LASIK eye surgery procedures very little pain is felt after the surgery, however, in certain cases pain killers will be recommended.

Laser eye surgery procedures are followed for a large number of disease conditions of the eye including retinal tear, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Retinal tear is when a hole is caused in the retina after which the retina breaks away from the cornea, resulting in sudden flashes of light or specks in the field of vision. Retinal tear can be treated using eye laser surgery procedures using krypton or argon laser to seal the retina. However, it retinal detachment has already occurred then laser cannot be used to treat the condition.

When the level of glucose increases during diabetes, abnormal blood vessels will grow in the eye and may even burst in the eye. Laser eye surgery procedures can be used to slow down the process of capillary bleeding preventing further vision loss. Macular degeneration is another eye disease that can be treated using laser eye surgery procedures if the macular degeneration is wet. Most macular degenerations are dry and in such situations eye laser surgery procedures cannot be used. Argon or krypton laser will constitute the eye laser surgery procedures used to treat ‘wet’ macular degeneration.

Excessive intraocular pressure will affect the optic nerve resulting in loss of vision. This can be prevented if the increase in intraocular pressure is noticed before it affects the optic nerve. In such cases, laser eye surgery procedures can be used to create a small hole that removes excess fluid form inside the eye. This eye surgery procedure will reduce the intraocular pressure.

As one ages a cloudy vision develops in one or both the eyes and this is termed cataract. There are many initial tests that need to be conducted by the eye doctor before he/she decides on performing the cataract eye surgery procedure. Brightness acuity tests is used to test the disability in viewing glares, potential acuity meter is used to determine the clarity of vision after the eye surgery procedure for cataract and in certain cases, a visual field test may also be conducted.

The eye surgery using invasive procedures for cataract surgery includes cutting the cornea and using a phacoemulsification probe that will be used to emulsify the cataract. The natural lens of the eye is replaced with an intraocular permanent lens and when premium intraocular lenses are used, there is clear vision both for objects that are close by as well as for objects that are far away. After cataract surgery, some people develop mild cloudy film formed behind the artificial lens and this cloudy film is termed secondary membrane. Eye surgery procedures for secondary membranes include the use of Nd:YAG laser after which vision that is clear will be restored.

There are many eye surgery procedures that can be opted for to ensure clear vision and many of the eye laser surgery procedures are quick and do not require hospitalisation. The pain that is caused as a result of these eye surgery procedures is also minimal and this has infused confidence amongst those who opt for such eye surgery procedures. It is therefore essential to visit one’s eye doctor periodically and to keep one’s eyes in perfect condition to enjoy life’s many pleasures a lot more clearly.

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  Usage of contact lens is comfortable and is effective in providing the best solution for correction of vision defects. Eye lenses are also available at different color shaped to show up vibrant eye effects turning eye corrective treatment into fashion.  Buying Contact Lenses  Gas Permeable Lens  Colored Contact Lenses
Natural means of caring your eyes lay with the food we intake, the healthier we eat the well nourished and healthy our eyes will look. Drinking more water and juicy food helps to keep the eyes cool and refreshing.
Sunglasses are effective to keep your eyes protected from harmful rays and other sensitive light that may affect your vision. Sunglasses are effective to keep your eyes protected from harmful rays and other sensitive light that may affect your vision.