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Are Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Safe

Gas permeable contact lens is an attractive option for many people as it makes contacts easy. It has certainly longer life than the soft lenses. It also allows the oxygen to circulate in the eyes allowing it to breath. There is no doubt that these lenses will provide a safe eye care. But it doesn't mean it do not have flip side at all .Take a look at the article to understand the benefits and disadvantages of gas permeable contact lenses. This article covers
  • Are Gas Permeable Contact Lenses Safe
  • Advantages of Gas Permeable Contacts
  • Disadvantages of Gas Permeable Lens
Gas permeable lenses provide an attractive alternative to soft lenses for many people. They are readily available and suited for most eye prescriptions. For people who once experienced difficulties with getting contacts due to their visual difficulties such as astigmatism, options are available with the ridged gas permeable lenses that make contacts accessible.

There are advantages to wearing them over soft contacts as well. For example, they last longer and they may provide eye health benefits, because they allow for the admittance of oxygen to circulate in and around the eye. Another benefit may be a longer lifespan than soft lenses. Because eye health is so important many people wonder:
  • Rigid Gas permeable contact lenses allow the eye to breath, a quality that appears to provide health benefits. The silicon in their composition admits oxygen.
  • They are made from materials that are resistant to harmful buildup.
  • Unlike soft contacts gas permeable (GP) lenses are rigid, they hold their shape and because of that the prescription retains its integrity.
  • Ridged lenses do require an adjustment period, but technology has made this process easier than it used to be. With the old fashioned hard lenses made from PMMA, the adjustment period was prolonged, they were less malleable, and did not admit oxygen.
  • All contacts require maintenance and care and GPs are no exception, properly maintained and cleaned, ridged gas permeable contact lenses will last a long time and will for most people provide safe eye care.
Advantages of Gas Permeable Contacts
  • Silicone polymers are a component in GPs; this material provides some flexibility they are therefore easier to adjust to than old-fashioned hard contacts. The silicone also admits oxygen.
  • Soft lenses contain water and as a consequence lipids and proteins adhere to them. As a result of that chemical reaction, deposits build up and the lenses deteriorate.
  • GPs have no such reaction so they are resistant to the build up of deposits that are common with soft contacts and because deposits don’t form as readily on GPs they are also much more durable than soft contact lenses.
  • Additionally GPs are said to provide a crisper image, or sharper acuity in some cases. For example, people who have astigmatism may experience sharper images wearing the ridged lenses of a GP prescription than they would experience with soft lenses.
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