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Top Tips For Dealing With The Pink Eye Syndrome

If you have pink eye, the white part of the eye will become pink or red apart from having puffiness in the eye lid. This condition is caused by bacteria or virus and sometimes because of allergy .It is a contagious disease which get transmitted through wash cloth or dirty hands. What are the symptoms and cure for pink eye? Find out. This article covers
  • Symptoms of Pink Eye
  • Do's And Don't s For People With Pink Eye
  • Cure for Pink Eye
Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is an uncomfortable condition that is evidenced by pink or reddish coloration of the conjunctiva, the membrane that covers the white of the eye. It is also evidenced by puffiness of the eyelid. A virus, bacteria or allergy can cause this condition. Pink eye is transmittable readily by using an infected washcloth, towel or by dirty hands.

Pink eye when caused by an allergen may be more pronounced during a particular season or during the use of cosmetics. Both bacterial and viral infections related to pink eye often occur in conjunction with colds, and upper repertory infections. Bacterial infection to the conjunctiva is often evidenced by streptococcal or staphylococcal bacteria. In addition bacterial infection can be on occasion, transmitted by a STD. Treatment for Pink eye will vary according to to the type of infection or irritation involved.

Symptoms of Pink Eye
Pink Eye Symptoms may vary based on the underlying cause. For example, when conjunctivitis is caused by an allergen, both eyes are likely to be affected; itching redness and excessive tearing may be present. When a virus is the underlying cause; pink eye may be localized to one eye, and may be evidenced by excessive watering and redness.

Bacterial infection of the conjunctiva will likely affect both eyes and a greenish discharge may be present, there may be a scratchy sensation and eyes may feel itchy and dry. Pink eye may also be caused by a foreign object such or dust or sawdust that irritates the conjunctiva. In general, all causes of pink eye result in inflammation of conjunctiva, and eyelid, and redness and irritation will be present.
Do’s And Don’t s For People With Pink Eye
Pink eye while generally more irritating than dangerous should be taken seriously. Do exercise diligence by providing care when pink eye occurs. Keep hands away from the eye area. Clean household surfaces, and wash hands frequently. Isolate the infection, by not using wash clothes from one eye to the other. Do seek medical attention when the infection gets worse or is severe. Apply cool compresses to ease irritation.
Don’t share washcloths or towels with other people, especially if infection is present. Don’t rub, scratch or touch the eye if at all possible. Avoid the use of creams, lotions and cosmetics when infection is present. Avoid sending children to school when they’re infected. Don’t wear contact lenses.

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